Helpful Advice For Those Who Want To Get Into Photography

So you’re starting photography? It’s a great hobby, probably one of the most popular in the world today. The advancement of tech has allowed photographers, even budding ones, to capture images that are simply mind-blowing. However, technology alone won’t cut it. There are some things newbies need to know. Here are a few important tips.

Rule of Thirds

Make good use of the gridlines. Always position your subject along the lines that make up the center square. Centering a subject halves the photo and confuses viewers on which half to look at. Setting subjects on either side, or above or below the center emphasizes both the subject and the background.


Image source:

Elevated Vantage Points

Sure, eye level shots are the basic ones, but rookie photographers should get their feet wet, and start experimenting with vantage points, especially elevated ones. Elevated vantage points make for dramatic shots that eye-level shots have trouble achieving. Getting used to changing the elevation of a shot can shorten the time new photographers need to progress. Low vantage points are also recommended.


Image source:

Full Resolution

As early as your first photoshoot, you should learn to never lower your resolution and quality. You may want to save space on your memory cards, but having photos that have low resolutions can immediately be noticed by scrutinizing eyes – like the eyes that would be looking into your future portfolios.

I’m Joshua Manocherian, and I love photography. Drop by my Facebook page to learn more about photography.


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