Camera Tricks: Easy Ways To Shoot More Creative Photos

Photography is very popular nowadays, thanks to social media sites like Instagram. Everyone now wants to be a photographer. Now that isn’t bad per se. But in order to be distinguished as a photographer, you should rise above the trend. Your photos need to be noticed, you’ll need to be more creative.


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Here are things you can do to take more creative photos.

Play with angles and perspective

Experiment with your angles and perspective when trying to capture an object. Capturing your subject from an interesting perspective will make your photos unique. Try shooting from a lower or a higher angle, move closer or further away until you find the perfect spot.

Create a sense of scale.

Say you’re photographing a beautiful enormous tree. It’s awe inspiring in person and you want that feeling to translate that feeling in your photo. Give the viewers an idea of the size of your subject by including another of a known size as a reference point. So for example, include a person standing next to the tree.

Create a shallow depth of field

The viewer will naturally be drawn to the sharpest part of the image. A shallow depth of field means there’s only a small part of the image that is sharp while the rest appears blurred. This adds a sense of mystery to your image.

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