The Various Health Benefits Of Growing a Backyard Garden

Growing a backyard garden is an undertaking that hobbyists have come to enjoy because they find it enjoyable and fulfilling. Some, on the other hand, find satisfaction in the aesthetic value a garden brings to their home or property.


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Raising vegetables and fruits in the backyard for consumption, however, gives another reason to pursue gardening. Even former First Lady Michelle Obama grew fond of vegetable gardening and built one at the White House, detailing its joys and challenges in her book “American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America.”

It has many benefits to one’s physical well-being, which include the following:

Healthy diet

Fruits and vegetables offer high content of vitamins and minerals, but their potency is maximized when they are eaten fresh, right after they are harvested. Studies have also shown that food grown with no synthetic pesticides contains more nutrients – and taste better, too. The garden owner has control whether he wants to use chemicals to raise the vegetation, or opt to go organic.

Furthermore, homegrown vegetables add more balance to the family’s diet. Picky eaters can also greatly benefit from a backyard garden as they can try different food choices.


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Because it requires physical work, gardening is a good way to do moderate cardiovascular exercise. According to the Centers for Disease Control, gardening, including watering, seed planting, digging, and other works, for 30 to 45 minutes can burn 150 to 300 calories.

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Nothing Beats Fresh: Cooking With Freshly Picked Ingredients

When I first harvested my first fresh produce as a kid, I was quite ecstatic about how it tasted. My Gramps had always told me that fruits and vegetables always tasted better when they were freshly picked. And he was right. The peas I first grew tasted sweeter than the canned peas we otherwise got back then.

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Salad greens were at their most crisp and sweet peas and corn at their most flavorful when they were eaten within hours of picking. This is due to the produce being picked at optimum ripeness when the vegetables and fruits have yet to make noticeably significant chemical changes, which become more pronounced over time.

Eating peas and corn immediately after picking, for instance, means that the sugars have not turned to starch, giving them that delectable, sought-after sweet-savory flavor.

Candice was always into getting the best ingredients when it came to fruits and vegetables for her dishes. She already knew I grew some of my own vegetables and fruits and some of our best meals were made when we first started using every day harvests when we had a “make our own dinner” dates, and it continued well into our honeymoon.


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Our little concept restaurant was the logical step forward.

Now, due to the realities of growing seasons and our commitment to serving almost everything fresh, this meant that our repertoire of dishes is seasonal. That’s more reason for our best customers to keep coming back!

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The Florida Grouper: A Most Versatile Culinary Ingredient

The state of Florida has a very interesting culture, and this would be nothing if not for the influence of the ocean that surrounds it. What makes Florida such a heavenly place to visit is its amazing beach sunsets. Of course, you can expect the seafood here to be great as well, because the cuisine collection in Florida is one of the most diverse in the world. One of the most popular theme ingredients here is the grouper.

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The grouper is a fascinating fish. In the wild it is a bottom dweller, which spends its days lumbering along the seabed, carrying on with its daily diet of fish and crustaceans. Generally, it is a superior animal, which reigns somewhere at the upper echelon of the food chain. In some cases, it can even live for up to 25 years.

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With its healthy diet, coupled with some evolutionary influences, the grouper is a very flavorful type of fish to eat. With this, kitchen cooks in Florida have gone wild in their imagination of creating some of the best recipes that feature the grouper.

Its flesh has the perfect proportion of meat and fat, which is responsible for its signature taste. This is why there are easily thousands of grouper recipes out there. From steaks and fish sticks to burgers and even stews, the grouper has found its way into Florida’s household convincingly, and at the same time, into the bellies of very satisfied eaters.

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